Are We There Yet?

The road ahead...

I recently returned from a five-day conference in Puerto Vallarta where I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I’m now back to work.  The conference really got me thinking about all my goals:  my one-year plan, my five-year plan, etc.  I realized that I’m in the year I had visualized and planned five years ago at another workshop.  Did I reach those goals?  How often do I ever take a breath and reflect on the fact that I’m NOW the age or the year I visualized 10 years ago?  Do I ever take the time to note how far I’ve come? 
   When do we ever get “there”?  When do we ever realize we’ve arrived?  Where is “there” anyway?  Someone keeps moving the finish line ahead all the time.  How do I know when I’m there?  Does it feel different? Even when I was my perfect weight, I kept thinking I wanted to be just two pounds lighter!  How about taking a moment to pause and realize how far I’ve come?  Does it feel different?  How about letting out a big sigh, exhaling and saying “Ahhh… I’ve finally arrived."   Will I ever get to the point where I don’t want to set goals any more?  Is that when I’ll know I’ve arrived?    
   My Dad taught me to make “To Do” Lists when I was 10 years old and I’ve been dutifully making them almost every morning since.  To Do Lists have been excellent tools in helping me accomplish my goals.  In the book,  “The Happiness of Pursuit” by Chris Guillbeau, he reveals how anyone can bring meaning into his or her life by undertaking a quest.  Chris spoke with strivers and saw the direct link between questing and long-term happiness.  How going after something in a methodical way enriches our lives.  He interviewed hundreds of questers – such as people personally identifying every bird species on the planet, people walking across America for a cause or people like himself – he visited every country on Earth – 193 United Nations Member States. 
   Chris Guillbeau “challenges us to make our lives be about something, while at the same time, remain clear eyed about the commitment.”  He’s almost implying the traveling, the journey is better than the arriving.  That’s something I’ve often pondered.  It’s the quest that brings meaning and satisfaction to life.  There must be a feeling of satisfaction yet possibly a strange letdown when you finish the quest.   
   I’m going to sit back and take a deep breath and savor the moment.  Maybe right now – here where I am is “there!”  I’ve had fleeting moments over the years when I’ve felt like I was “there” – a yacht trip in the Virgin Islands, visiting some amazing resorts and chateaus in Napa and wine tasting, hosting my family at my home for a barbeque on a warm summer day with our favorite songs playing in the background, meditating in my secret garden with birds chirping and fountains flowing, enjoying dinner and conversation with close family and friends who love me, sitting on the beach on Catalina Island and looking out at the glistening water...
   I read a suggestion the other day that said:  "Choose one thing about yourself to recreate in higher regard.”  The one thing I chose was valuing myself more. Really valuing myself and finally “getting” who I am. 
   I have overcome many challenges.  I love where I live in Southern California, I have fabulous friends, my health, a beautiful home, stimulating career, a garden with fountains, and the ability to make a difference in others’ lives.  It’s a warm, sunny day, 2016 is around the corner and life is rich! 
   I’ve been working on loving and valuing myself more – saying the affirmation “I am more than enough.”  Feeling a sublime appreciation for my life.  So today I feel like I actually HAVE made it.  There is more right with me than wrong with me.  I like me and I like who I am becoming.  I am making peace with the now, focusing on how far I’ve come – rather than how far I have yet to go.  Maybe I actually HAVE arrived!  Hmmmm….Am I “there” after all, here,  right now?