Reinvent yourself - Live The Wow Now

Hi, I’m Rita Connor.

I'm a career and life coach, speaker, and founder of the Reinvent Yourself workshop where I help burnt out people identify the unique ingredients of their perfect job. My private clients and students uncover their hidden talents and bring exciting career options into focus. I'm passionate about helping people of all ages write their next chapter with confidence.

How to bounce back on a bad day.

Life reinvention is a skill you can learn...

And I can teach you! It's time to stop betraying your personal destiny. You're ready to have a spring in your step when you leave for work in the morning. You're ready to take courageous steps in the direction you've secretly been pining for (even though it may displease some people). You're ready to stop running on fumes and start living with enthusiasm for your work! 

Rita explains how to "Live the Now Wow."

 5 Questions That Matter -Live The Wow Now

Powerful exercises and guidance (in luxurious locations) to help you discover your ideal career and keep it in focus. How would it feel to design the first steps of your fresh start in a single afternoon?