Rita connor, life & career coach los angeles, santa monica, hollywood, malibu, san diego. Creator of the reinvent yourself workshop for professionals ready to pivot with their careers and lives.

Hi! I’m Rita Connor...

I planned my escape from a very stressful, corporate job—a good on paper career almost 16 years ago. It was scary, but I created my own successful business and I’ve never regretted it.

I'm skilled and experienced at helping people just like you uncover their talents and discover their perfect job...and then help them take steps toward it with gentle yet firm support and guidance.

I can help you reinvent your life: 

Get in touch with the real you.
Remember what makes your heart sing.
Learn what drives you and determines your fate. 
Take fresh action toward the life you actually want.

I know you’re at a fork in the road:

- you’ve been laid off or let go
- you dread your alarm clock every morning
- your nest is empty and it’s time for act two
- you’re scared to stop playing it safe even though it’s slowly unravelling your wellbeing

I’ve been there. Done it. Now it’s your turn.