Reinvent Yourself Workshops

Over the past ten years I've worked with hundreds of clients to help them find their perfect job. I receive so many emails and phone calls from attendees who are excited to share with me that they now have their perfect job!  

At Reinvent Yourself workshops we do exercises that pinpoint exactly what you would LOVE to be doing right now, today.

Sometimes you are working in a career that may have been perfect a few years ago.  But you've changed and grown - which is a good thing!  It's okay that you're a different version of you today.  

These powerful exercises help you see who you are TODAY.  I help you discover what excites you NOW.  Once we write down the ingredients of your perfect job, then you start attracting it to you - it's like magic how this new perfect job comes into your life!  I love working with people just like you because you want to make every day count and feel excited about getting up in the morning!   We can change fear to "Feeling, Excited And Ready"!

Life begins at the end of our comfort zone. Live fearlessly. Take one inspired action today. Your dream has to be bigger than the fear!
— Diana Loomans
LHH Workshop.jpg

Rita teaches Reinventing Yourself Workshop at
LHH in Dallas in March 2019

What my students think:

The Reinvent Yourself Workshop was a HUGE SUCCESS! Rita was fantastic!. All amazing attendees.  Thank you so much for putting together this amazing life changing event. It was off the charts and “the ripples on the pond” continue forever.  Thanks!  - Joni C.

Thanks so much for sharing one of your Reinvent Yourself workshops with me yesterday.  We sure enjoyed it and Rita did a GREAT job and her presentation was very professional.  I liked the powerpoint, sayings and materials.  The fellow attendees were really nice too.  Thanks so much for the workbooks. So much to think about!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  -Moira P.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to experience your “Reinvent Yourself” workshop! I feel blessed to have been a part of it-- my life is forever changed—for the better! Rita left me with so many takeaways…I have committed to doing something NEW and Brave every day! I hope we have the opportunity to meet again! - Charlotte P.


Rita was really great today. Very natural, fun, inspirational and beautiful! It was the best and my favorite seminar I have ever been to! I would love to do a follow-up to Reinvent Yourself! Thank you for the best day ever! My heart needed that. I feel inspired, hopeful, successful, purposeful, enthusiastic and grateful! - Suzanne B. 

Rita Connor and Mai Lai presented a terrific two part workshop at WHW, a non-profit employment readiness program located in Orange County CA. Job seekers often have a hard time “seeing” where they want to go and what type of job they want to have in their future. Rita’s presentation was eye- opening and inspiring! As I looked around the room during the workshop, I could see each and every person having their “Ah Hah!!” moments! Mai Lai took the presentation to the next level guiding our clients through the creation of “vision books”. She was fantastic and shared inspiring examples of how her vision books have guided her in her life! I have never seen a group so engaged and passionate. This workshop was AMAZING! Brenda Walters, WHW - Program Manager – Education Women Helping Women, Santa Ana

Hello Rita, You were so nice and helpful. I came out of the workshop so very excited.  I acquired additional magazines to work on my Vision Book.  I plan on using poster board and place them on the walls of my bedroom. I also wanted to tell you that I have an interview tomorrow! - Elaine Fierro 

Hello Rita, It was nice meeting you on Friday as well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, experiences and knowledge with all of us. Your enthusiasm, energy and positive attitude was so uplifting and contagious. I left your workshop feeling happier, hopeful and inspired. You are awesome! Best regards, - Janice Tanaka

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Rita Connor and hearing her presentation at Women Helping Women on Tuesday.  I am sure everyone there gained some insight to help them through their journey.  –Ruth G.