Career clarity for people who:

Are burned out and ready for a more satisfying chapter of life.  

Are disenchanted with a career they’re good at but don’t love anymore.

Are wondering if they should quit their job or try harder to lean in.

Are in the midst of figuring out what's next after being laid off.

Are in need of an objective vantage point to identify what they're good at.

Are in retirement and want to make it feel more exciting, purposeful, and fun!

Are ready to let go of the same old me, for the me they know they can be!

It's never too late or too soon to live your dream. Life will be easier when you're doing the thing that you really want to do.  


Career Clarity sessions happen over the phone. One hour at a time.

I'll guide you through a series of discovery prompts and writing exercises that will help you make some interesting discoveries about what you REALLY want from your career, relationships, lifestyle and family dynamics. Once you're clear on that, the right opportunities can come into focus more easily.

The heart of this coaching is the Perfect Job exercise. It's a practice and process I've perfected over the years and the results are quite astonishing!

Rita, I cannot thank you enough for helping me reach for and achieve my highest goals both professionally and personally during our coaching sessions. You are such an inspiration. Your coaching is life changing.
— Nola Conway, Global Destinations Marketing
Rita Connor is a “Godsend”!  She went above and beyond in coaching me.  I was a tough case and she is one of the most magnificent, kindest souls you’ll ever work with.  There are not enough words to describe her.  Everyone who’s worked with her falls in love with her.  She helped me work through some significant, long term issues.  She is so authentic, inspiring and it is a joy to work with her.   She made such a difference in my life and I’m continuing to dream big and am excited about life again.
— Ashley F

The Perfect Job Exercise has helped hundreds of people get what they want.

Rita- I’ve been meaning to email you to thank you for meeting with me and doing those exercises. Your Perfect Job Exercise really works! It was life changing. I’m now working at Disney Animation Studios doing exactly what I wrote down in my Perfect Job Exercise a few months ago!
— Paul