A Woman of a Certain Age

A woman of a certain age

As I recently celebrated another birthday, I realized there’s something magical about being “a woman of a certain age.”  The ups and downs were more extreme and more traumatic in my younger years.  Leaving the old world behind can be bittersweet and yet it’s now so satisfying.  My thoughts are so much more profound and interesting now! 
   I look behind at the life I’ve lived and I feel a sense of sublime contentment combined with gratitude, wonder and just a few regrets.  I realize each relationship, job or experience has brought me to deeper love, acceptance and understanding of others and myself.
   I felt the shift in consciousness in 2012 and I continue to have awe-inspiring glimpses of the 5th Dimension.  They say, “The vision of one world will cost you the vision of the other.”
“You know you’re evolving to a higher consciousness when you feel more and more that “I like me – I like who I’m becoming.”
-International speaker and author, Jim Self
   I wouldn’t trade this age or time for anything.  I’ve been meditating and it gives me such peace.  Maybe I actually am evolving.  They say as you evolve you notice more beauty.  I’ve more and more passionately been seeking out places of luminous beauty.  I notice the way October’s slanted rays shine on my bright blue morning glory vine, dangling from my trellises when I awaken.  I delight in my patio’s flowers, my garden, the bird feeders and fountains.  I cherish visiting Malibu, hiking in Palos Verdes and walking down Manhattan Beach’s Strand.  The flip side is that I’ve been steering away from violent TV shows, CSI murder shows, loud rap music and most TV news programs. 
   Is this all just due to inevitable maturity?  As I slip gracefully into this new stage of life, I feel reverence.  I’m honored to be here on the planet at this powerful time and along with all the challenges we’re experiencing.  There’s a broader new awakening thanks in a large part to the acceleration of energy on the planet, the raising of consciousness, new technology and the Internet at our fingertips.  Friends and colleagues can instantly share their insights, opinions, words of wisdom and quotes via email or Facebook.  We’ve never had such a rarefied collection of inspiring authors like Eckhart Tolle and Barbara Marx Hubbard, speakers and leaders available via teleseminars, webinars like the Shift Network, hundreds of videos on Gaiam TV, documentaries on Netflix, Wayne Dyer on PBS.   I can’t wait to see what will happen next!
   At this time in my life, I’m not in a relationship with man.  For much of my life I have partnered with various boyfriends—preoccupied with the highs and lows of the love of my life for that period.  I know this time of contemplation, reflection, solitude, pursuing hobbies, reading, writing and freedom is perfect for this stage in my life.  Whenever I feel lonely, wanting to share my day with a man and I rebel against the aloneness or resist it, I just remind myself these words of Eckhart Tolle,  “Life will give you the experiences you need.  How do you know this is the experience you need?  Because it’s the one you’re having in this moment.”  I accept what is, exhale, release resistance and cherish being alive! 
   This must be "conscious aging" – my Sizzling 60’s!  I think “Never-tire-ment” must be replacing so-called real retirement.