Your Core Genius - Life Purpose

Your Core Genius

Life Purpose is said to be the virtuous expression of your signature strengths.  I’ve been told by many people that my signature strength or core genius is connecting people to each other -being a CONDUIT. 
   I don’t know how I do it.  It’s just so easy, like falling off a log.  Isn’t that often the way with our God-given talents?  I couldn’t stop myself from networking and introducing people to each other who could benefit each other – even if I tried. 
   I do it all day long.  I am not sure it can be taught.  It’s innate – many people do it.  It often starts with me saying, “You need to meet my friend, so and so.”  The other day my brother said, Rita you need to write about how you connect with such fabulous people. 
   Hmmmm…How do I do it?  I recognize a light or a twinkle in someone’s eyes.  I sense a compassion for our fellow man.  I sense how the person has overcome life’s challenges and risen to take the heroes’ journey.   I see a strength in expressing vulnerability, an authenticity, an honesty and a desire to live for something greater than themselves – something that outlasts us. 
   I am drawn to these people.  I find myself thinking – I’d like to get to know them better.  Then I start seeing a group forming.  I gather like-minded souls together.  I’ve done this since I was about 10 years old.  I’ll think Jeff would like Diana.  Jay would like Peter.  Patti would like Mary.  Then I create a gathering.  It’s SO much fun.  I have introduced at least five couples that have gotten married and connected many future best friends to each other. 
   When I was young, my mother would send me down to the living room to talk to the guests at a dinner party while she was getting ready or making the cocktails.  “Now, Rita, go down and talk to the guests, ask them about themselves.  Ask them how they’re doing.  Get them a drink.  Make them feel comfortable and welcome."  She’d say – “Remember – the best host is one who makes the most guests feel like the party just wouldn’t have been the same without them – the evening was MADE just by their presence there.
   In my job with Elite Resorts & Spas, I introduce clients to my hotel representatives all the time.  I have a database of 2,300 contacts, mainly in California and Arizona and I remember details about almost all my clients.  I truly like about 90% of the people I meet.  My Dad had such a big heart and he taught me to see the good in people.   If I said something unkind about someone, my Dad would say, “Now, Now – Reet – that’s not charitable.”   He was such a great example.  I like to bring out the best in people so they actually like themselves better after being with me.
   We come here to this laboratory called "Earth School" to develop mastery over certain life challenges.  I came here to connect people!  That’s for sure.  People send around emails saying “you’re in my Table of 8”.  But I started writing out my Table of 8 and it became “My” Table of 88!  My challenge is to take days off to “fill the well,” to contemplate and actually have alone time.  It’s all about LOVE and connecting with fabulous, high-vibe people. 
   You have to believe in what other people tell you over and over again.  Sometimes when you’re naturally good at something, you tend to downplay it.  It’s like Michael Jordan thinking basketball is so easy, everyone must be able to do this!  You tend to downplay talents that come easily to you and you’re good at.  When you hear the same compliment over and over again from many people, don't just shrug it off - take note of it!!  What do people constantly tell you you’re good at? 
   Just be open to the magic, the synchronicity and fun surprises when your eyes meet and you truly connect with another.  Ask – what message do I have for this person?  What message do they have for me?  How can I serve them today?  We attract through frequency and vibration like a tuning fork.  The higher the frequency you’re vibrating, the more incredible people you’ll attract.  Pay attention – the people you’re with are there for a reason. 
   I’m humbly appreciating my core talents and gifts more lately – my ability to network and connect people.  I just love the friends I gather together. 
   What is your signature strength?  It’s probably something that comes really easily to you.  Maybe you even discount it because it comes SO easily to you.  Revel in it.  It’s about recognizing your gift, your higher purpose, and your core genius, expressing it and then mastering it. What you master, is yours for eternity. Your higher purpose, your core genius - Where the world’s deep hunger and your deep longing come together. 
“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.” 
-Albert Camus